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Premium Package - Professional Web Design Services

Premium - Custom Web Design


Starting at $1,950

Ten Page Website

Elevate Your Web Presence with Our Premium Package! Unlock unparalleled excellence with our Premium Web Design Package, a truly custom solution that takes your online presence to extraordinary levels. This package has been meticulously designed to provide you with a premium website that captures the essence of your brand and maximizes its impact.

With our Premium Web Design Package, we place paramount importance on delivering a tailor-made website that perfectly aligns with your business objectives. Choose our Premium Web Design Package to unleash the full potential of your brand and create a lasting impact in the digital landscape. Let our expertise and commitment to excellence elevate your business to new heights.

All Custom Web Design Packages Include


Graphic business logo (?)

What is this?

A graphic logo that is branded based on selected color board and customized to your business name. We will provide three logo concepts for your selection. Your final logo will be provided to you at the end of the project, in a high resolution format for use on light and dark background for any future promotional item use. Click here for more details on logo design.

Custom web design (?)

What is this?

A custom website designed based on your business needs that promotes the skills and services that your business offers.

Two design concepts layouts (?)

What is this?

We'll provide you with two design layout proofs to choose from, with up to three rounds of design changes included. This ensures that you'll have multiple options to select from and have the flexibility to make the necessary design tweaks to achieve your desired result.

Content (text & images) for your website. (?)

What is this?

Addition of text content, royalty-free stock images for your website which relate to your business. We provide all the content for you. We just need your help during discovery to get a good idea of what your business offers so we can learn about the services you provide.

Desktop/Mobile/Tablet ready (?)

What is this?

This is the responsive design of your website so it can properly display in desktop, tablet and mobile view. We will design your website layout first on desktop view then once you approve the layout, we will design the tablet and mobile view.

404 Page (?)

What is this?

A 404 page is an "error" page that displays for any pages that do not exist, but are related to your website. For example; You deleted a page from your website, but Google still has it indexed. The visitor clicked on the link and can now see a custom 404 page which states the page no longer exists, but it gives them the link for either your home page or contact details. This way you don't lose the visitor.


GoDaddy Domain Registration Included for 12 months (?)

What is this?

Get 12 months of FREE domain registration with us! No need to register your own domain. Your domain will be registered under your name and kept private. After the 12-month period, the domain will be invoiced annually at $30. You're welcome to use your own domain registrant, but you'll be fully responsible for maintaining your domain, where if we register for you, we will take care of all domain duties. For more information on domain registration click here.


Amazon (AWS) Hosting Included for 12 months (?)

What is this?

Get 12 months of FREE hosting with us! No need to find your own hosting plan. After the 12-month period, the hosting will be invoiced annually at $99. You're welcome to use your own hosting, but you'll miss out on our impressive features like Unlimited Data & Bandwidth, AWS, SSL Certificate, Automatic Backups, and more! For more information on web hosting click here.

Keyword Optimization & Search

Basic On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (?)

What is this?

We will design your website to incorporate the use of basic keywords related to your business in the content of website text. This is not an Advanced Search Engine Keyword service. For Advanced SEO, please visit here for more information.

Google Search Console account creation and submission (?)

What is this?

Once your website project is completed, we will submit your website to the Google Search Engine using Google Search Console for proper inclusion for search results that Google can deliver at it's own schedule.


250 custom business cards (?)

What is this?

250 full color, gloss, two-sided custom business cards to match your website branding. Free delivery. Learn more here.

Lead generator contact forms (?)

What is this?

Website form(s) designed & tested by Mint Desk Media for lead generation. When a lead fills out your contact form, you will receive the lead information via email.

Social Media Integration (?)

What is this?

Addition of any existing social media accounts including Google Reviews.


Client Training Portal (?)

What is this?

Instructional learning platform to learn how to self-edit website text and images. Custom username/password provided for access to the learning platform.

MintCare Support included for 30 days after site completion (?)

What is this?

One hour of monthly website updates (updating text and images) made by our team in the event you wish to not self-edit your own website.  FREE for 30 days! Learn more about MintSupport.

Self-update content control panel (?)

What is this?

Mint Desk Media Builder CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to self-edit your website via any computer.

Houston Web Design

Website Onboarding


We'll confirm your custom web design request and book a 30-minute call either by phone or via e-mail/text to learn more about your business to determine the web design package you chose will work correctly for your business. You can ask any web design related questions on the call.


We will suggest the best package with a customized pricing proposal including a timeline. Website prices listed above are starting points, but your proposal may cost less depending on your needs.


If you agree with the custom website design proposal and timeline, simply make a 50% deposit to initiate the design process and we will walk you through each step of the design process and ensure you are informed.

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